by Útidúr

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The mini album ‘Detour’ was released in the spring of 2013 and recorded by the band itself. It uses electronic sounds to a bigger extent and is in itself a detour from what Útidúr usually does.


released April 15, 2013



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Útidúr is a musical group from Iceland that plays joyous and ambitious chamber-pop with a dramatic streak. Although this charismatic crew is quite (midnight) sunny in attitude they also know their way through darker waters. Can sound like Angelo Badalamenti, Beirut, Calexico, Ennio Morricone etc. ... more

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Track Name: Grasping for Air
Sun is in the air
and I’ve been going everywhere
taking my time
gathering thoughts
One stroke at a time
a million miles from everywhere
careless for a while
I swallow my smile

Sounds like a storm
tastes just like Hennessy
I’ll have another
to break in to my skull
Ash is in the air
I’ve been burning all my books
I’ll start again
the ink has not dried

One day they were on a trip
their words, won´t stay
They were featuring themselves
troubled with the worries that their
lives would never end
They fell for all
and all the others fell in shame
They fell above
and all the others fell in vain
Track Name: Maelstrom
Get it cooking with some mozzarella
Helter Skelter melting cheese lalalala
Make it happen with some oregano

Take a step into the realm of fire
look around until you see..
fish are flying in the air, my darling
stay of the grass

Kill the speakers, throw your lungs up for me
Make the sound of killer bees for everyone
Stupid, Cupid, Lupus, wolfpack lurking
sign up for fear

Put the roller-skates on your hands, man
ears are bleeding but we can wait
Until the fuel runs out
It won´t be long

" There is no way of knowing, to where the boat is going"

Take a breath before you choke my darling
don´t be nervous or i´ll break your skull
easy nightmares, horrid breeze, knees shaking..

Look left, look frightening, sight seeing like meaning nothing at all
Take two of these and never call me again
don´t be afraid

" There is no way of knowing, to where the boat is going"
Track Name: Aeroplane
Were moving south,
were moving it along.
Above the sea,
is where we belong.

Tell me you have a license,
I don´t want to crash.
Tell me you have a license,
I don´t want to crash
this plane down..

"We could fly an aeroplane"

Underneath the earth moves faster
Inside the clouds we head for disaster

I think we have gone to far.
Track Name: Bumblebee
Peter was in the cab when he shot the bumblebee
Then the driver said why did you shoot the bumblebee
It was getting on his nerves so he shot the bumblebee
Haven´t you ever heard you should never shoot a bumblebee

He knows they´ll never get along
and she knows they´ll never get along
Track Name: Vultures
..and the days were nights, followed by white lies
as she hoped for light, demons grew inside

Trespassing in her own backyard,
trembling with despair
She felt his presence lingering..
then a sudden reaction from

she said
hope he dies
she smiled

Silent days, perfect haze, copy paste
no color in her face
Feed the fish, eat the fish, burn the sheets..

and her demons turned in to mosquitoes
her walls had no blood and the house was now cold,
they quietly crept to your window
filled with desire to feed once again.

You´re gonna die